MyRiskInboX-sliders-riskinboxplusDoing an online search is, for most areas of compliance, likely to result in millions of hits, which can be daunting to sort through to find what’s relevant.

That’s why we’ve introduced Risk InboX Plus, the fully indexed, searchable database of curated content from the editors of the helpful compliance website Risk InboX.

Each day, our team of experts scans through dozens of industry websites tracking the latest compliance risk news, writes a brief overview explaining why this development matters, and then includes a link back to the source material for those who want to know more. The regular Risk InboX includes the results of our scans for the past day or two. But Risk InboX Plus includes our full archive of thousands of curated items which have been fully indexed via categories, tag clouds, and advanced search filters to narrow down your list of results to see just what you are searching for.

Click the video below for an overview of how Risk InboX Plus works.



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